Nov 17, 2009

My Pressure Cooker Fascination

Listen to me talk about pressure cookers, or download the file. (4.22 MB .mp3)

1. The ubiquitous aluminium Hawkins pressure cooker
2. The Hawkins Futura, introduced in 1985, became an instant design classic.
3. Typical publicity material that always comes in the pressure cooker carton: in this case, a recipe book for a Futura.
4. How do you open a Hawkins pressure cooker? Opening pressure cookers is never easy for first-timers, no matter what pressure cooker you buy.

1. The design of the stainless steel Prestige pressure cooker has changed very little over the years.
2. TTK Prestige's senior management at new product launches in 2003 and 2004.
3. A page from a Prestige catalogue from the early 90's.

Do you have any pressure cooker stories to share?


  1. it is the darndest thing trying to open a new pressure cooker! i had to pore over the instruction manual to figure it out.
    but i do appreciate the recipe booklet that comes in the packagaing which, on the whole, made me feel a lot less skeptical about being able to cook in one.

  2. and talk of terrifying....i simply LOOKED at my Hawkins a whole 2 weeks before actually using it. still gives me the creeps for some reason


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