Dec 22, 2009

Pedicab Wala

Listen to me talk about Rickshaws in New York City, or download the file here (mp3, 6.45MB).

Rickshaws in New York City? Oh yes, they exist. And they're thriving.

(Clockwise from Top Left)

1. Stan O'Connor, who's been a pedicab tour guide for 14 years now. He loves giving tours to Indians, can sing "Chamma Chamma", and hum "Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai". He says that the one building Indians love to see in New York is the United Nations. Yup, that's us: world peace lovers.

2. An anonymous cycle rickshaw driver from India, and his passengers who luckily brought their own weatherproofing. The basic frame is the same as the pedicab's. The drivers are very different, as you can see.

3. Just Married, on a pedicab rented from Tony Roy's Pony Cab rental service. Movie and TV appearances are also part of their services.

Thanks to Stan, Tony and Ismail. The music is "Main Rickshawala" from the film "Chhoti Behen" (1959)


  1. hey... it's a nice observation... except the generalization of Indian rickshaw wallahs!!
    I feel you should come back and look around the cities and the towns. As per the need of the context we have a variety of rickshaw wallahs.
    Go to tourist places like Agra and u get the 'Tourist's ride.' Go to small towns like 'Gondia' which are manageable on paddles you get the 'associations' and stands of rickshaw wallahs. Even in a city like NOIDA cycle rickshaw is supposed to be the best option for commutation if you have to go in a range of five kilometers. They are banned in some parts of the metros because of the speed and congestion issues but India is not only Metros. So may be its a luxury or a leisure 'thing' there in NY but in Indian context it may not be a good idea in the same form due to peoples preconception and the need oriented mentality. May be a 'chariot' on chaupati is a good form of it than a Rickshaw at the same place.

    Rahul Deshpande
    Product Designer
    PGDPD NID 10

  2. heehee
    i should send you pics of the rickshaws in london. they're SO oddly out of place in leicester square!

  3. Can we send the pics we took while pedicabbing in Central Park?


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